Lola | Birth

This was my view one year ago today. Happy Birthday sweet Lola! It has been fun watching you grow, and I look forward to seeing the beautiful girl you will become.

Momma was scheduled for a C-Section bright and early that morning.  We all got there and hung out waiting until her turn in the


Hospital policy didn’t allow photographers in the OR, so I waited in the recovery room. And a few minutes later, Daddy brought in a beautiful baby girl. 🙂

When Momma finally got to be brought into the room, Daddy showed her that he had picked her middle name and already made it official. Lola Rey. Yep, named after a Star Wars character. 🙂

Then all 3 big sisters got to come in with Grandparents and a Aunt and got to meet their new baby sister. 🙂

Happy 1st birthday sweet Lola! You are one very loved baby girl!

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